'Pixels' and 'Paper Towns' - MBP e140

This week the guys are joined by special guest Michael Denniston of the 'War Machine vs. War Horse' podcast to review both 'Pixels' and 'Paper Towns.' Are these films worth your time and money? Check out our thoughts! Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website.

Time Index

Intros: 0:00 - 13:22
Review - PIXELS: 13:23 - 42:43
Spoilers - PIXELS: 42:44 - 54:27
Review - PAPER TOWNS: 54:28 - 1:19:17
Spoilers - PAPER TOWN: 1:19:18 - 1:34:20
Plugs & Outros: 1:34:20 - 1:44:46

War Machine vs. War Horse

Be sure to listen to Michael and his co-hosts over at the War Machine vs. War Horse podcast! Look for it on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. They are part of www.followingfilms.com and can be found by searching for War Machine vs War Horse podcast online or on Twitter (@warmachinehorse) and Facebook. 

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