'The Gift' and 'Creep' - MBP e144


On this week's episode, the MBP crew provides a 'creepy' double feature with reviews of two psychological thrillers that share some similar elements. 2014's 'Creep' is the brainchild of Mark Duplass and emerging director Patrick Brice, which is just now hitting Netflix, and 'The Gift' is the creation of actor Joel Edgerton, who completes the triple threat as writer/director and lead performer. Enjoy in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at www.moviebearspodcast.com.

Time Index

Intros - 0:00 - 8:32
Review: The Gift - 8:33 - 26:15
Spoilers: The Gift - 26:16 - 38:12
Review: Creep - 38:13 - 52:09
Spoilers: Creep - 52:10 - 1:04:00
Plugs: 1:04:01 - END

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