Fantastic Fest 2018 - MBP e296

Fantastic Fest 2018


Each year in Austin, Texas, Fantastic Fest takes over all nine screens of the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse for eight days of movies, parties, and events. The largest genre festival in the U.S., Fantastic Fest has a reputation for celebrating new and innovative horror, sci-fi, action, and foreign language films. This year, Movie Bear Will is joined by special co-hosts Simon Tolhurst and Matt Shiverdecker to cover some of their favorite films from the festival.


0:00 - Intros

6:40 - Spoiler-Free Review: HALLOWEEN (2018)

13:15 - Spoiler-Free Review: OVERLORD

23:11 - Spoiler-Free Review: SUSPIRIA

34:25 - Spoiler-Free Review: MID90'S

42:12 - Best of Fantastic Fest 2018 Countdown

1:22:12 - Plugs & Outro 

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