Robert Kirkman Talks 'Walking Dead' Spinoff At SXSW


While the spinoff of Robert Kirkman's infamous 'The Walking Dead' was announced months ago, details on the show's premise and timeline have been sparse. In fact, it doesn't even have a name yet -- at least not one ready for prime time. However, at a SXSW session where Kirkman spoke about the spinoff this morning, the show-runner shared a few juicy tidbits fans may be interested to know.

On the as-yet-unannounced title of the spinoff show, Kirkman says they'll have one soon. In the meantime, however, he said, "We're just gonna call it 'Walking Dead: CSI Miami.'" Ha! Quips aside, though, Kirkman seemed excited about the new series and had some details to share on the show's premise.

Kirkman says, "The new show doesn't focus on the comics at all." He explains that "the show is entirely its own thing" and that its intent is to expand the Walking Dead world, showing another corner of the US where this is all happening without being a rehash of what we've seen before. For comic fans who know too much of the future to enjoy the current show fully, an entirely new location (Los Angeles) with a fresh group of survivors may be especially welcome news. 

And in regards to that fresh setting, Kirkman says, "The timeline is earlier, before Rick Grimes even woke's more about the initial outbreak" but Kirkman says "it will reach a point where it's running concurrently with the [current] show." Which logically raises the question: will the two shows actually connect? "For the most part, the shows will stand alone," Kirkman says. "But if you are watching both shows, there will definitely be some nods back and forth." But are two shows too much, even for die-hard fans?

With two Walking Dead shows on air at the same time, Kirkman was asked whether he fears an over-saturation of the property. The show-runner quipped that he has no such fears because "if it ever gets to a point where there are four or five Walking Dead shows, I'll be on a boat and I won't care. A boat the size of an island." Handy, perhaps, if a zombie outbreak ever happens for real...

With the new show set to launch later this year, there's still may more we don't know than we do. However, given everything we've been reading online and hearing directly from the show's creator this morning, it sounds like "Walking Dead CSI Miami" will definitely be a hit with fans, as further evidenced by AMC's recent renewal of the show for season 2 without it even being released yet. 

Tune in this summer when the new Walking Dead spinoff launches on AMC.

- Brad Harris

'Mudbloods' Soars


When it comes to fandom, there may be no property more ardently beloved than 'Harry Potter' -- at least by those who grew up with the slew of books, films, and merchandise that hallmark the franchise. Given its immense impact on devotees, it's no surprise that J.K. Rowling's wizarding world has spawned no end of fan-created follow-up works, including everything from fan fiction to real world theme parks. And so it is with 'Mudbloods,' a new documentary from director Farzad Nikbakht that follows the translation of Quidditch -- the popular Potter sport played on flying broomsticks -- from pages in a book to players on the field.

Though "real world" Quidditch is played on the ground (though still on broomsticks), 'Mudbloods' follows the frenetic action of the game in such a way that the field almost falls away, showcasing players who seem to truly fly in pursuit of their World-Cup-winning dreams. It's a 'Harry Potter' story of the best kind but the greatest aspect is that -- for once -- it isn't all about Harry.


The documentary follows a UCLA-based team of players competing hard to take the top spot in the collegiate-level finals. And while Quidditch as a real life sport seems comical at first, the game quickly proves itself to be just as physical and fun as any other athletic past time sports fanatics enjoy. The film does a great job of balancing the fan-love aspects of Potter with the fast paced action and excitement of sports, pleasing enthusiasts of either (or both!)  in its surprisingly touching look at a world of would-be broomstick heroes.

'Mudbloods' is currently available in limited release and on VOD. Check out the film and if you enjoy watching all the Quidditch action, look for a local team near you!

Review by Brad Harris, 10/19/14